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President's Message 

It is my honored privilege to welcome you to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Eta Nu Omega Chapter website. Our chapter has been serving the communities of Riverside and San Bernardino counties since 1961. Eta Nu Omega Chapter is comprised of a group of diverse intelligent, dedicated, and hard working women who give their all to serve mankind.  

We are very pleased that you have taken the time to visit our website. Please explore our website and know that you have an invitation to join us in any of our activities and events. 

Currently we are “Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service” focusing in five distinct areas, expressed as Targets through our Corporate Office.

1. HBCU 4 Life: A Call to Action

2. Women's Healthcare and Wellness 

3. Building Your Economic Legacy

4. The Arts!

5. Global Impact

Eta Nu Omega Chapter will expand its community presence as a result of these Targets. Please visit our website often to stay abreast of Eta Nu Omega’s activities. Thank you so much for your interest in HNO.

Annette Streeter

President, Eta Nu Omega Chapter

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